Garden apartment  in Vancouver's Kitsilano district. 

The owners vision was to open up the 80's era condo & create a 'great room' feel, with open spaces, updated  interior design for the kitchen and bath, new lighting, fireplace .... all of the improvements consistent with it's stylish location in Kitsilano.

The Primary  Challenge

Working with engineers and designers to remove bearing walls in a ground floor condo. The installation of steel beam(s) to support the 3 story structure and  achieve the open spaces in the owners vision.

Final Product

Walking into the renovated condo you immediately feel the 'open space',  Recessed lighting highlights the white oak floor and fireplace in the great room.  The lighting style also highlights the new kitchen design and the slate grey tiles in the custom shower in the bathroom.  

New paint through completed the owners vision of living and relaxing in her great room condo in Kitsilano.

Owners Statement

I just loved working with Ritchie Construction - they paid  attention to detail and were responsible to the budget we had set.  The end result is so much more than what I thought we would achieve.  I just love the space we have created and enjoy every moment I spend in my new home; 


kitsilano GARDEN Condo